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  • “Flower” Blossoms on DVD

    “Flower” Blossoms on DVD0

    A teen angst Dramedy that shows the dark side of American youth, Flower pulls off a twisted script with very good acting and direction. Even though a work of fiction, the film takes a turn at depicting our teens as vulgar, conflicted and overly prurient. That said, so did several other films within the last

  • “Incredibles 2” A Mom’s POV

    “Incredibles 2” A Mom’s POV0

    By Susan Phillips It’s been 14 years since taking my two children to see PIXAR’s The Incredibles. I do remember my 4 and 8 year olds having a great time at the movie. So being with them at a special screening of Incredibles 2 was something even more special for me, because this time I

  • “Inheritance” a Cunning Suspense Thriller

    “Inheritance” a Cunning Suspense Thriller0

    Very disturbing and moody, the movie Inheritance deals with horror in a mystical way. Bizarre in the way the film gets played out, it tends to lure the viewer into a hypnotic spell with its brooding soundtrack and slow pacing. Sets and locations become a player in the plot while the actors walk through their


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  • Emily Coutts talks “Star Trek Discovery”

    Emily Coutts talks “Star Trek Discovery”0

    After earning a BFA in acting from York University, Canadian born Emily Coutts made her acting debut in the mystery/thriller “The Bright Side of the Moon.” She later appeared in the fantasy drama “Crimson Peak.” Her work in television includes “The L.A. Complex,” “Transporter: The Series,” “The Next Step,” “The Girlfriend Experience,” “Dark Matter” and